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Mis 8 Favorita

To Watch Movies furrow thinning or what will have the best capacity to provide. This is a compilation of the top 8 channels to watch movies. From  movies  Mexican , to  premieres  on television.

8. Membrane.  's a streak of 24 hours to watch movies, programming focuses on Mexican films of all time, including movies and albo color and unfortunate.

7. TCM  Classic  Entertainment.  's a groove run around to  see  movies ,  is adequate in most of the ball and focus on publishing movies and classic series.

. 6  Movie  . City  is the best way to watch movies premiere on TV; requires registration, but offers tapes in his unspeakable jargon, no curse and subtitle to separate which is intended to childish presence.


May.  The  Film  Zone.  's a wild streak Hispanic to  see  movies  of  Disney , 20th Century Fox, NBC Spiritual and Sony Pictures Entertainment, the most memorable of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

4.  Hallmark  . Channel  is a groove News Corporation, dedicated to the related collaboration, he can only watch movies made ​​for television; moreover original series.

Three.  Cinemax.  's a notch inside the atadijo HBO that focuses on the emanation of series, miniseries and award-winning films, independent films that still conveys not go by HBO. Dilemma is best to see independent films or master.


.. 2 TNT  also known as Turner Network Television, is a private television notch, you can watch movies and series for children and adolescents; their own programming fundamentals obtaining international series, collaborate on CBS and 20th Century Fox.

1.  Cinecanal  . HD  is a groove focused on distributing  films  in his great premium language with subtitles; otherwise is bravo to watch movies, because it does not make commercial breaks and is living in Subscription Clarification (HD).